The Walking WTF!!!




In the words of Drake, “If you’re reading this, it is already too late”. Too late for what? Well, my dear readers, the SPOILERS, of course. Now, if you have yet to see the season premiere of The Walking Dead, I advise you to stop reading right at this moment! Stop, I say! However, let’s be honest, a person would have to completely shut themselves off from social media in—no Facebook, no Twitter, NO INTERNET— in order to not hear about all that went down in the premiere last night. Are you a nomad? A Hermit? Highly doubt it. Oh, no, you’re a millennial or at least… a millennial adjacent.

In March, millions watched the sixth season finale of the incredible series, The Walking Dead. In that episode, viewers were introduced to the treacherous—yet sexy—Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. For those who have read the comic book like myself, you have waited for what seemed like eternity for this character to appear. Since the third season when The Governor seemed to the bad guy to top all bad guys, I had to explain to the non-comic book readers that they haven’t seen anything yet. Well, here he was in the flesh. Boy, did they cast well because Morgan seemed to really embody the character. Here was this bad-a** with his lightly seasoned beard, black leather jacket as though he missed the audition for the Michael Jackson “Beat It” video, and a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire that he named, Lucille. During a mission to get Maggie to Hilltop to be treated by a doctor, the group is basically blocked at every turn by the Saviors. This band of cold-hearted SOBs are setting trees on fire, creating blockades, and being total a**holes. The group comes up with a plan. Eugene decides to sacrifice himself (surprise) by driving the RV while the rest of the group head to Hilltop by foot. Needless to say, that the plan lasted about five to ten minutes because the group was quickly captured. The Saviors captured Eugene and I’m like, “Damn, Eugene! You had one job! ONE!” Well, the group is reunited with Glen, Daryl, Michonne, who were captured earlier while walking through the woods.


The group is lined up on their knees, and then out walks Negan from inside the RV. Due to the smug look on his face, you can tell that this man thinks—and knows—that he is the ish. However, let us fast forward a little because Negan does this lengthy speech, but the gist of it is that because they killed some of his men that he would have to kill one of theirs—blah, blah, blah. NOOOOOO! But who? Sadly, their lives depended on a simple game of “Eenie, Meanie, Minie, Moe”. Rick is utterly helpless. There is no way his group could take out the Saviors. They are like a freaking army! Well, Negan chooses, but during the season finally, we only see the POV of the person being killed and not the identity of that said person. What in the hell, producers?! So, now we all had to wait seven LONG months before the identity of the person was revealed.

Fast forward those seven gruesome and agonizing months and the seventh season was upon us. I have never felt so anxious and excited with anticipation for a show before than I have with The Walking Dead. I made sure that I did not check my Facebook or any other source of social media because people love to spoil. I, at least, wait a day. A day is enough time. Nine o’clock came and I was ready. The first few minutes was Negan basically hazing Rick: making him retrieve his ax from a herd of walkers in a fog and basically telling him that he owns him now (Note to Negan: slavery is over, all right!). After the initial shock of everything, Rick looks back on the incident that took place moments earlier and there is where we see that ABRAHAM is the one who gets killed. NOOOO! Was I shocked? Kind of. During the last episode of last season, as Negan was beating this person, he kept saying that he was taking it a champ. There is no one that is as bad-a**– other than Rick—that I could think of other than Abraham. The one swing was bad, but no bad enough for Abraham to muster up the words, “Suck my nuts.” Yea, you tell him, Abraham! I mean, come on, Negan. You couldn’t make it a fair fight and square up with Abe? It was horrible. Negan continued to beat Abraham’s skull in as everyone watched. Sasha and Rosita were hysterical, and I’m like, “DAMN! CAN’T SASHA EVER BE HAPPY?!” Hasn’t this woman gone through enough? First she loses Bob, then her Brother, Tyreke, and now Abraham who let her know that he was down with the swirl. How much shall she take? Now, dating Sasha or even having any type of relationship with her seems like a death sentence. Black woman can’t catch a break even in the zombie apocalypse, I swear!


Ok, so now we know who was killed. Bad, but we can move on from it, right? WRONG! Daryl is pissed, using all the strength he has left to punch Negan in the face. Oddly, Negan laughs it off (sociopath much?) and spares Daryl’s life. He reminded the group that he told them that the first one would be free. All of a sudden, Negan swings his bat, hitting GLEN in the head! OH, HELL NO! Glen manages to lift his head up, bloodied. The blow from the bat was so powerful that his left eye is bulging out. Eww. Maggie cries out. The thing that crossed my mind was that he was still good and that he could live with a little eye bulge. Doctors could repair it, right? No, B. Glen looks at Maggie and says, “Maggie, I will find you.” Cue the f***ing waterworks! Negan laughs it off (psychopath much?) and continues to beat Glen’s skull in! Even with his brains in mush, his hand continues to twitch. I am at a loss for words. Seriously, I cannot believe this. Well…that is not entirely true. I can believe it because it was in fact how Glen died in the comic books, but I thought they would change up; kill someone we wouldn’t expect. Oh, but no. The producers and writers decided to hit fans with a double whammy. One word to describe them: monsters.

Fast forward a little, Negan basically almost makes Rick cut off Carl’s arm to save the group. When Rick is utterly a blubbering mess, Negan stops him, letting him know that they want their supplies in one week. Negan sees that the look to kill him is no longer in Rick’s eyes, and that is what he wanted (Crazy much?) Because he sees something in Daryl, Negan decides to take him, threatening that if Rick tries something that he would send Daryl back in pieces. Doesn’t Negan know that if Daryl dies, we riot? Did he not get that memo?

Well, the group is left emotionally battered, having to watch two members of their family be murdered before their eyes. Maggie doesn’t want to put anyone else in danger, feeling guilty that it is her fault that they are out there in the first place, but Sasha volunteers to get her to Hilltop safely for it was something Abraham would want. Sasha tells Rosita that she is taking Abraham’s body and she agrees. Maggie takes Glen body for a proper burial. How sad for Maggie. She has lost everyone! HOW MUCH ARE THE WOMEN IN THIS SHOW SUPPOSE TO TAKE? And she is pregnant which means her emotions are amplified. It is too much!

This episode really troubled me for some reason. The deaths of these two characters will indeed have lasting effects for the rest of the series’ run. This was a game changer. I am so used to seeing Rick as the leader; a boss, but now, Negan made him look like a biggity b****. No one makes my Rick look like a biggity b****! NO ONE!

I am excited and completely terrified for the episodes to come for this season. Negan is indeed a wild card; ruthless and a total attractive psychopath, but psychopath, nonetheless. There are so many questions I want answered. Where does the group go from here? How will Maggie recover from the death of Glen? Is the baby okay? Where in the hell is Carol and Morgan? Why didn’t they just kill Eugene? Will Rick reign supreme again? Is Negan single? Will Sasha ever find love…that lasts? Will they ever get Daryl back? WHY DIDN’T THEY KILL EUGENE?

Regardless, the episode left me in a whirlwind of emotions. Glen was always one of my favorites and I wished that this was where he escaped death like he has so many times before. I wish Abraham would have survived as well. Abraham was a tough son of a b**** with funny phrases. He was a complete and utter bad-a** who was a great asset to the group. The group of strangers came together and became a family. They genuinely loved and cared for one another. It is painful because I, too, grew up with these people for the past seven years. I might sound a bit dramatic because, yes, this is fiction, but it is devastating.

It is unfortunate that these two characters had to go, but it did make one heck of a premiere. But I must ask…WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST KILL EUGENE?!


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