Tis The Season

Yes, the title of this post is misleading. No, this is not a post about Christmas and all the holiday cheer and hoopla that comes with that. This, my dear readers, is a post about my favorite holiday of the year—Halloween!  I’m not really sure if you can deem Halloween as a holiday for a holiday is something that is celebrated. Knowing the somewhat history of Halloween and what it stands for to some, merely celebrating it would mean celebrating some kind of satanic ritual…I guess. Therefore, let us just say that we “partake” in the theme of it. Don’t worry, I am not going to rant about the entire history of Halloween because I don’t have that kind of time; therefore, let us discuss the “non-satanic” version. The happy version.

To me, Halloween is kids dressing up in cute or scary costumes, going from house to house with bags in their hands in search of candy; Trick-o-treating. I never understood the term “trick-o-treat”. Obviously, the treat was the candy, but what was the “trick”? I guess the trick would probably being trying to scare the person giving you the candy, but no one has time for all of that. I’m not your little puppet. I will not dance for my candy, Geppetto!


Halloween was always something I enjoyed.  In Kindergarten, I was the Yellow Power Ranger. I initially wanted to be the Pink Power Ranger, but at the time, the Pink Power Ranger was in high demand at the time (or because the SECOND Yellow Ranger was black and I’m…you know). One year, I wore the Scream mask before the movie came out. I creeped a lot of people out when I was the Grim Reaper, my face covered with a back mesh that kept it hidden. Good times. In high school, I wore my brother’s old coveralls and a Jason mask with a fake machete.  Because I was a “tomboy”, I was more into scary than pretty.

Upon reaching the age of seventeen, it came to my attention that I was getting too old for what gave me joy (Cue violins). Though I am short like a middle schooler, people would give me strange looks when they opened their doors and saw me standing there. My joy was gone. My childhood was officially over (Dramatic? Definitely).


And then there was a sweet thing called, “Parenthood”, that beautiful thing when a small human being comes out of you, sharing your DNA and unfortunately, some of your bad habits. YES! I was now able to continue with trick-o-treating, but live it through my children (it sounds so bad when I say it out loud LOL). I just love it so much! The sad thing is that my daughter can’t hang. Within an hour or two, she is tired and complaining, wanting to stop and go home. WHOSE CHILD IS THIS? When I was younger, my friends and I would spend hours, going to as many houses as we could, having backup bags just in case one become full. Tired? I didn’t even know the word.  These kids nowadays are not built Ford tough. They are built Prius tough.

But I digress.

Trick-o-treating is not the only thing I enjoy about this entire month. October meant an entire month of Halloween specials, scary movies, and paranormal shows galore. I’m talking about the 27th “The Simpsons” Halloween Special episode, “Ouija: Origin of Evil” (the first movie sucked a** on a damn stick), and most importantly, SCARY HAUNTED HOUSES! I’m talking about zombies, ghouls, witches, and monsters. Heck, maybe even a serial killer or slasher or too. Most importantly, GHOSTS! Is it odd that someone loves terrifying things this much? Maybe, but no one asked you.

There is something about the adrenaline running through your veins when you know you’re about to be scared. It is like a love/hate thing. I am startled easily, but I love to be scared to where I scream profanity, asking “Oh my goodness. Why?!” I love it so much. A few years ago, I worked part-time for Six Flag’s Fright Fest in California. I was chosen to be a zombie in the Aftermath maze. They gave me a ripped pink sweater and a long blue skirt to wear. For my own protection, I used my own old steel-toe flight deck boots just in case someone would run over my feet as they ran away in terror.  They had professionals do our makeup, and boy, did they do a great job! Every time it was my term, I would tell the person doing my makeup to make me look as scary as possible. They did just that! I looked terrifying! My face was made to look like the undead with the blood and pale skin. I had the zombie look down pact.  There is some joy I received scaring people. I made a few people cry. I even scared the crap out of my supervisor’s mother (He asked me to, by the way). However, with joy, there is going to be some pain. While scaring people, I was punched in the breasts, I was kicked, some drunk lady tickled my stomach, and I was hit in the head…more than once. So much abuse! Nonetheless, I loved every minute of it.


This is MY season, people! While people love Fall and the change in weather with its sweaters, scarfs, and Ugg Boots, I am excited about horror movies and all things scary. Am I weird? Uh…duh. Sure, Thanksgiving is cool with all the food and family. And yea, Christmas with all the giving of gifts, and that scary looking white guy in a beard in a red suit. However, Halloween is where it is at! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want people to think I don’t care about food and family. They are my two favorite things. I am just a child of the paranormal. Not saying that my parents were a ghost and a demon who decided to get busy after a few drinks. I’m just saying that I live for this stuff.

The next twenty-five days will be something of joy and happiness with me, coated with horror and terror. Cool, right? Tis the season…to get scared.


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