The H* Culture

Forgive me for being a bit curt and blunt with the title, but this is something that has been on my mind for a while now.  I use the term “H* Culture” because it seems as of lately, it doesn’t take much for a female to be labeled a h*. A scroll down timeline lane on Facebook and all you see are memes stating that if a woman uses the dog filter on her Snapchat then she is officially a h*. Huh? I thought you were only considered a h* because of your constant promiscuity with numerous people at one time, but now I see that all it takes is a filter. I’m not a big fan of Snapchat myself. I mean, I have one, but I haven’t utilized the app in months. It is pretty much the same people I am friends with on Facebook and Instagram; therefore, it is not very imperative to me, but Dang! Can’t women have a little fun with a filter without being called names? Who comes up with this bulls***? My guess is some jaded man who found out his girlfriend cheated by sending another dude nude pictures of herself while using that filter (I’m assuming. Nothing is known for sure).

Then there are these lists such as: If You Work at These Jobs, Then You Are A Thot (That H* Over There). Looking through the lists, they have jobs from working at Walmart to being a Registered Nurse. Are you serious?! Not only can’t women utilize a social media app in good fun, but we can’t even work decent jobs to support our families without being considered a mere h* over there.  What bitter person came up with this nonsense? And do not get me started on the grammatical mess that is the using the term THOT in a sentence. “Then you are a thot”. Then you are a that h* over there? WHAT? It makes no sense!

I can’t help but wonder what our young girls must think when reading this bull; reading how if they have a certain first or last name, they are automatically a h*.  How can we tell young women to respect ourselves, when they are constantly being disrespecting for the most minor things?

Do the same things happen with males? OF COURSE NOT . That is the ugly truth that is the double standard. Ah, yes. The Double Standard, a rule or principle that is unfairly applied in different ways to different people or groups. While men are praised for their promiscuity, women are always judged and belittled. Why is that? Both can lead to the transmitting of venereal diseases and pregnancy, so why is one looked at worse than the other? I don’t understand.  Even when it comes to having children, a single father is revered for taking care of his responsibility while a single mom is demeaned for not making better choices when choosing a person to have a child with. I remember back when Kimora Lee Simmons was confirmed to be pregnant with her fourth child by her third husband. People were calling her all kinds of names for having a child with her HUSBAND, yet I saw another article about rating the hotness of all Dwight Howard’s SIX baby mothers! Is it me? Am I missing something?


For some time now, I have noticed a change.

I love listening to old school music. I’m talking about: James Brown, Barry White, Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Four Tops, Bill Withers, The Isley Brothers, and etc. Back then, the songs were usually about love; about how to love a man or love a woman. The songs will forever be classics. A few decades later, CUE THE SHIFT! Turning on the radio, you have a few songs about love; nice little pop tunes. However, there are the songs about “bending it over”, “bringing it back”, “popping this”, and how “theses hs ain’t loyal”.  Do men even love women anymore? It seems like lately we are only called hs and b****es as though it is our names. It is not! Why must I only look to Drake to feel sweet?! The saddest part is that people are actually listening to these songs that I for sheer entertainment and using them as words to live by. This is why the dating scene is to crap. Too many people praise “side chicks” for my taste. Too many people accepting the term “Bad B****”. Bad b****?! That sounds like something you say to your dog with she pees on your carpet.  Who likes being called that? Not I!

But I guess it is a step up from how things used be when women were considered just property. Heck, in other countries, the treatment of women is way worse than just words. Too many stories about women being raped, kidnapped, forced into marriage, and killed. I don’t understand why this is! Women are the bringers of life. We are the nurturers and yet we are seen by some as nothing.

Hopefully in the times to come, there will be another shift that will change things for the better.


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