Lights On, Please


It is no big secret that I love scary, horror movies. I love them! I love them despite the fact they leave me feeling like a five-year-old scared of the boogeyman. Whatever the case is, I’m addicted to this genre of film. It is odd being the fact that I am so easily startled by any abrupt noise.  Announce yourself before you come at me!

Well, I was free for the day Monday. After dropping off the boy at daycare and finishing up with a couple of errands, I decided to treat myself to a matinee in the middle of the day. I was torn between the Lights Out and Star Trek: Beyond (I love me some Idris Elba even if he is dressed like an alien!). For some reason, I wanted to be scared. A few years ago, I remember seeing a short video about a lady turning off the light in her hallway only to see a strange figure of a woman. The strange figure would disappear immediately after turning the lights back on; therefore, I was very excited that they decided to make it into a full-length movie. Oh, glorious day! Lights Out it is! The reviews on the movie was relatively good for the most part; therefore, my expectations were high. I bought my ticket, skipped the refreshments (mainly because the setup looked very complicated), and headed to my seat. I sat in the back; my usual spot.

Don’t worry, people! If you haven’t seen the movie, I will not spoil it for you. I’M NOT A MONSTER!

Anyways, the movie started like it shows in the trailer. There is a woman (the same woman who stars in the original short film) who is working in a textile factory. When she is closing, she turns off a light to see a strange figure in the room. Startled—and a bit confused— she begins to flick the switch on and off, each time the figure seems to be moving closer. Can I be serious with you all? It would only take one time of flicking the switch and me seeing that thing for me to get the hell out of there. I seriously do not understand this thing with investigating and making sure—blah, blah, blah. If I turn off the light and see a strange figure, I’m kicking rocks, stones, and gems.


Without giving much away, the movie centers around Rebecca, a young woman trying to help her half-brother, Martin, from her manic-depressive mother, Sophie. Apparently, Sophie and Diana have some history and connections to one another (I’M NOT GOING TO SPOIL IT). Rebecca gets some help with family’s issues from her boyfriend, Bret, who I think is the cutest and sweetest. He can help me with my crazy family any day!

Let me tell you, this chick—or whatever she is—Diana, is nothing to mess with. This b**** is crazy and deadly. She’s jumping out of here. She’s jumping out of there. If there is no light, she’s jumping out, people. She is not playing around. Her name should be, Dirty Diana. Like, damn! Who pissed in your cereal, girl? Walk towards the light, Diana!

The movie indeed delivers with the jumps and screams; the shocks and squirms. There were moments where I literally had my hands over my face, peering between my fingers. It reminded a little of the movie, Darkness Falls, about an evil tooth fairy who kills whomever lays eyes on her. She too, is defeated by light and also kills in a very horrific and brutal way. I’m just saying, if you don’t want me looking at your face, stop taking my damn teeth!

There were also similarities with the movie, The Babadook. The movie is highlights a widower and her son being stalked by a creature from a book. To be honest, didn’t really care for it. Sure, it was filled with suspense, but it kind of lost me by the end. Was The Babadook a real thing, or was it just something the mother manifested after the death of her husband? Questions. I couldn’t figure it out; however, all three movies did share that same kind of feel. Here are these unknown creatures with these malevolent powers and crazy strength that can literally leave your body in shreds. That is some scary s***.

I would be lying if I said that the darkened theater didn’t trouble me. Periodically, I found myself peering over my shoulder. If Diana was going to get me, I would fight her to the damn death. She would be a re-dead Diana. Dead the sequel Diana.

In the commercial trailers, you see Martin go into his mom’s room to find her alone, standing in front of a darkened closet. “Sorry, honey. Did we wake you?” We? Ah, hell no! I would have emancipated myself that very night. Dueces, madre. If the purpose of the movie was to cause its audience to fear what lies in the shadows; cause them to go back to their childhood where we all worried about what’s under the bed (the film partakes in that fear), well, they have succeeded.

The movie tackles the issues of depression and a sort of mental infestation one can face (somewhat like in The Babadook). Sophie obviously has some mental problems that need to be dealt with…IMMEDIATELY. The fate of the characters somewhat relies on her mental well-being. Though the movie did deliver with the shock value, the story seemed to be rushed. Don’t get me wrong. I did love how the movie quickly jumped into the action and the horror; however, it kept at that fast pace when it should have slowed it down a tad. I get it. It is a horror movie. Their purpose is to make you jump out of your seat and cover your eyes, but it appeared as though that’s all there was.

Other than that, movie was decent.  Can I sleep with my lights out now after seeing just a horrifying film? No comment.


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