Another Year. Another Damn Year!

A short and sweet post, everyone.

Well, the time is upon me. It is upon us all, really. Today is my birthday. Yay, right? More like “Meh”. I am mumbles years old and not getting any younger, people. Like most people, the constant annual reminder that you are getting older and even more closer to wearing jumpsuits as you take an exercise stroll around the mall. It is all daunting. To be honest, I haven’t been excited for a birthday since turning twenty-one. At that time, I was excited to go to a 21 and up nightclub, where I could legally buy alcohol. Heck, I could go anywhere and buy alcohol. I WAS UNSTOPPABLE! After that, there wasn’t much to look forward to. Sure, there was the turning twenty-five and renting a car without the extra fees, but really? Really?

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t done much for my birthday in the past few years. Crazy, right? It was either I did not have a job at the time (no job equals no money; no money means no fun), in another state where I knew no one, or just not in the mood. Last year, my son was born three weeks early and four days after my birthday. I knew then that my birthday would no longer be my birthday. Even this year as he nears the big 1st birthday, all that is on my mind is what I will do for him. If it wasn’t for the customer service representative wishing me a belated birthday a day before when calling about my account, I would have treated this day like another day.

birthday cake

However, I am going to enjoy this day. The day is not about getting gifts (though if a person wishes to give me one, I will happily accept it). This day is about celebrating the day that my mother gave birth to a motherfIn’ LEGEND! Yes, I said! This time– mumbles years ago—my mother gave birth to something freaking extraordinary; a force to be reckoned with. With birth, there is always a reason to celebrate (unless that birth is the birth of Hitler. F that guy!)

I will say this: I do appreciate the small bottles of tequila from my older sister. Enabler? Maybe. But it is the thought that counts.


8 Comments on “Another Year. Another Damn Year!

  1. Happy birthday. Mine is tomorrow and I’m the opposite I love my birthday. Everything is all about me. I’m the queen of the castle and I milk it!!! Hugs

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