The Interview

And as we meet today,

Sitting across from each other to contemplate the captivation between me and you.

First, I have some questions to ask,

And you, some answers to tell.

Consider this somewhat of a quaint interview.

You are single, indeed, that is why you are here.

Countless numbers of past lovers, but you weren’t able to find the one.

I assume none of them could break your tamed spirit or kiss to seal the deal.

But I assure you with lips like mine,

The deal would have been signed and done.

Oh. How do they taste?

Like cinnamon.

Sugared like off of a Cinnabon.

Do you know the importance of communication?

Talk is cheap.

Turn our time spent into cash.

Learn that this conversation doesn’t come free.

Could you bribe me with your enticing eloquence and style?

Do you have the power to transform your words into chocolate so that they are sweet to me?

Could we look into the skies at the stars and find our signs?

You’re a fine Scorpio with a charming smile and a gift to allure.

How could a simple Scorpio prove itself to a proud lioness?

If he pinches her hard enough, could he make her roar?

They say pain is love, so is that what you’re looking for?

I suppose.

Could we match like clothes?

Could our bond be tighter than the skinny jeans that I fit in?

Do you have the power to sweep me off my feet?

Lift me in the air?

Can you lie me across the bed like some linens?

I’m able if you’re willing.

If my anatomy was a class, would you register?

Would you research my mind and body as though they were a student’s thesis?

And when the plague of complacency and doubt clouds our feelings for each other,

Would you renew our love like apartment leases?

Recite our what life’s romances teaches?

My heart was captured by those not worthy of it.

Could you steal it back because I am yours for the taking?

With all this heat that you bring to me, could we cook up something delicious?

Satisfy my sweet tooth for your specialty is cupcaking.

What would you say to the naysayers?

The haters?

What shield would you use for the love you would defend?

Would you cower and remain hush; allow them to protest?

Or would you cut them off like split ends?

They say education is power and laughter cures all.

Could you reign as my king and care for me as a healer?

And when they ask if you were able to touch within the core of my essence,

Would you reply, “yea, I feel her”?

When the world tries to break me down

Could you build me up like the pyramids?

Conquer my Egypt and I will hail you Alexander the Great.

Could I be the Cleopatra to your Caesar?

The Bonnie to your Clyde?

Your Kim to your Kanye?

And I heard them say,

That love is a battlefield and one must fight for it.

Would your finger be on the trigger, ready to aim and shoot?

Have you developed into your prime; a full-fledged man?

Or have you remained only a little boy in a grown man’s suit? Registered & Protected  EZD4-YBXJ-I5BT-AAIR


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