Happy Birthday, Daddio

This is my late but great post! As usual—like me—the post will be short and sweet. Yesterday was my father’s birthday. For my respect for him (along with his threats) I will not reveal his age. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, DAD! I kid. He’s a hoot.
Every time my father’s birthday comes around, I expect him to want some nice, lavish gift. He forgot that neither one of his kids live that nice, lavish lifestyle to afford those nice, lavish gifts. It is the thought that counts, right? At least that is what he tells me when my birthday rolls around—SIX DAYS LATER!
Over the years, we would give him cards and gifts pertaining to golf. My dad loves golf. He has golf trophies displayed along his fireplace, underneath the mantle of my sports trophies and academic plagues (don’t mean to brag, but I will anyway). One year, we got him those putting machines, where you put the golf ball and it shoots it back to you. Awesome. Another year, I got him a stencil so that he could label his golf balls.
Last year, I decided to spice it up a little with my gift giving. I decided to buy him those Edible Arrangements. I got my mom one for Mother’s Day a few years back and she loved it. I bought some kind of fruit bouquet with chocolate covered strawberries and his age carved in pineapple. He loved it. Bragged about! Brings it up in random conversations.
This year, I didn’t give him much; however, it made me realize that my father is getting older. Yea, I know—everyone gets older. But usually, when it comes to our parents, we don’t really see it like that. It made me become more appreciative and more blessed to the fact that I still had my father in my life. He is the man who would splash water on my face when I didn’t wake up on time for school. He is the man who listens to only one Earth, Wind, and Fire for an entire road trip. My father is the type of man who has a large basket of white socks that all look the same, yet he will still notice if you take a pair.
But I love him anyway. Who cares if he favors Lionel Ritchie, right?
Happy Birthday, Dad!!
Love, Your favorite


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