Silly Girl

Silly girl.

Could she have predicted what the world had in store for her?

It has shown itself to be more than tea sets, dolls, and flower dresses.

Her vision throughout the years has become impaired,

For what she thought was the ways of a lady was misconstrued.

What she considered to be class, was nothing more than a bunch of hot ghetto messes.

Silly girl.

“And what are the goals she wishes to achieve?”

One might ask.

Does she aspire to be a doctor, a teacher, or even a lawyer?

Oh no, she dreams much bigger,

Longing for the cameras, lights, and bits of fame.

To appear in the music videos so that someone can say that they saw her.

Craves to be on the cover of the magazines; pure eye candy.

Too bad they won’t even glance at her pretty face;

Their focus straight to her bust

They’ll have her parading around half-naked for millions to see,

Stating that “sex sells” to make it just.

So does crack, so it’s all good, right?

That short skirt they make her hike.

Because to them, she is merely thick thighs and a round backside.

So she licks her lips and pokes it out.

Shows more skin and rids of shame.

Just to get in VIP and not wait in line.

Silly girl.

What more could she want?

A Prada bag and diamond earrings to flaunt.

So when she is drunk and deranged,

She offered to do something strange,

Just to ride passenger in a Lambo instead of a busted Galant.

Silly girl.

That fast life gives you acceptance, all the hype,

Boasting about all the famous men whom she has shared her bed.

Plans on writing a book of her encounters to gain exposure.

But don’t be fooled. She’s no writer.

Just an expert on spreading her legs.

Silly girl.

Advertises that she is indeed the “business”; so called video vixen,

But that headline doesn’t come free.

In order to achieve such a title, they demand you shake it fast,

But don’t respect yourself.

Pop and drop it like the girls on TV.

Have a little integrity for that dose of celebrity.

Have them call her everything but her name.

Claiming that she is not blinded by the stars and the dollar, dollar bills,

But when the music played,

She was the first to the stage when they made it rain.

That attention they give her like novacane.

Gorgeous face, but it is what’s behind her that they see as beauty.

Get played with like Barbie to live in a dream house.

She sets her sights on big wallets and snapping photogs.

Strutting around like her “ish” don’t stink;

Bragging that she is the baddest b****.

But last time I checked, men don’t marry dogs.

What happens when the glitter is not gold?

When the limelight dims and the fifteen minutes fade abrupt.

Those so-called “Ballers” that promised her a spot on their team,

Got their feels, and then passed her off like a lay-up.

She can’t get enough.

Hopefully she will finally realize her true potential,

Want more for herself.

Deep condition her mind like a head full of curls.

In that she will fix the way they define her and gain strength.

Wake up as a better woman after falling asleep as a silly girl. Registered & Protected  QSAU-JKPJ-1Q2G-T2WA


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