Here’s Bloggy!

Hello, people!

I’m going to make this short and sweet… like me! Well, I am a bit new to this blog thing. I started my blog in May, and I have been writing post after post ever since. Sure, I don’t post as many as other bloggers do (I ranted about this two posts ago), but I do what I can with the time that I have.

I’m up to a good amount of faithful and loyal followers. My followers are the freaking best! I love how they like and comment on my posts; giving me a bit of insight. My followers rock! I love reading their posts as well. I follow some really cool bloggers. However, like a spoiled greedy brat, I want more followers. I mean, who doesn’t? I would look at the amount of followers some of these other bloggers have; many of whom have 1,000+ followers. How? After doing a bit of research, I know that promoting your blog is key, especially on social media. I have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; constantly posting when I create a new blog post in hopes that someone will read, like what they have read, and decide to subscribe so they could get some more of this good stuff.

How do you all promote your blogs? Do you limit it to just social media platforms, or is there more to it than that? I need help, people.

I’m open in any suggestions or advice anyone can give. It will be very much appreciated.


4 Comments on “Here’s Bloggy!

  1. I pretty much do exactly what you said and feel exactly the same 😊. I only write once a week, I have other important to do and love. I Instagram probably twice a week.

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  2. I don’t have many followers but I have increased the number I have by following other bloggers and engaging with them as much as I can. I read that you must promote your blog on social media, if you are doing that just keep being consistent with your content and promoting and you will start to see more followers. Good luck!

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