How Do I Get The Time?

This is not my normal long blog post about my opinion on something. It is more of a question I have. Trust me, people. I will be sure to make this as short as possible. As you may have noticed, it is placed under my “Random-ish” category; a category where I have random stuff like giveaways, and now… random thoughts that have.

I am a follower of many bloggers on here, and from time to time, I would receive notifications of a blog they posted (like everyone else does when I post something). However, some of these bloggers post more than one post a day and I’m like…HOW? How do you have the time? I’m serious. My daughter is gone for the summer, leaving the boy and me with more free time, but still. For me, I have to take a few days jotting down the draft of my blog post in a composition notebook before I can type it up. Even with that, I’m juggling with work, running after a one-year-old, and everything in between. I’m freaking exhausted. It makes me feel old that my bedtime has become nine o’clock. Next thing you know, I will receive senior discounts at restaurants and my hip is going to give out. Am I being dramatic? You be the judge.

My “Insanely Ingenious” category is catered to my short stories and poetry, but because of the amount of time it takes me to write a short story I am satisfied with and perfected to the amount of infinite perfection, I have yet to work on another one yet. I want the time, damnit! I want the energy.   I love writing. I want to write more and post more, but it never seems like I have enough hours in the day.


How do you bloggers do it? How do you all find the time to post multiple post a day?



2 Comments on “How Do I Get The Time?

  1. I don’t post multiple in a day but I try to write about two to three rough drafts of blog ideas on Sundays. Then throughout the week I edit them and schedule them for posting. I don’t have time to write every day so I use my Sundays to write.

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