Who You Gonna Call?

I don’t know what it is, but scary movies get me pumped! Don’t ask me why. I think it is all the adrenaline from the sheer terror, or maybe it is the loud noise from when the boogeyman pops out of nowhere. And no, I’m not talking about the slasher films with the serial killers who just can’t seem to die because idiots aren’t smart enough to just shoot them in the freaking head! Like, come on, people! Destroy the head and the a** will follow! I can’t tell you how many times the remerging of Michael Myers could have been prevented with a quick execution style killing. And sure, I love the whole zombie genre or the virus brought by crazy monkeys that gives people rabies (I think I got some movies mixed up), but nothing tickles my fancy other than ghosts, spirits, and all things paranormal. I freaking love it!

A week or so ago, I went with my bestie, Stephani and my nephew to see The Conjuring 2 (FYI: my nephew is 17 years old, so I’m still the best freaking aunt ever!). The first movie was pretty good considering that I vowed to not watch many movies about possessions and demons after a weird experience I had after watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose in college (story for another day). Like in true trailer fashion, it really hyped up the movie for me. I wanted to see it. I had to see it! Unfortunately, everyone else had to see it, too. We were left sitting in the rows of seats in the front. My usual spot was the back middle, but not that day. NOT THAT DAMN DAY! There were a few concerns I had. One being that Stephani was pregnant. As the baby’s godmother, was I performing my godmother-ly duties by taking my unborn godchild to listen to all the screams and shouts? Stephani was 36 weeks; therefore, she was full-term and ready to pop at any moment. What if she got so terrified that her water breaks in the middle of the movie? Should I finish the movie before I intervene? I wasn’t sure. I mean, have you seen the price of movie tickets? Goodness gracious!

Let’s get back on track, shall we? The movie centers around a single mother and her four children who experience terrifying experiences in their London home after the daughters play with a homemade Ouija board. They call upon Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators to investigate the going-ons and rid of the possession it has over one of the girls. First of all, why? Why would a person want to even dabble with a darn Ouija board? I’m sorry, but as a child, I never wanted to know how it felt to summon the devil. I remember at a classmate’s sleepover in elementary school, I left the room while the rest of the girls wanted to call upon Candy Man. That’s not how I roll, son. Though I love all things paranormal (or shall I say para-weird), that right there is not my cup of tea.

The movie started off so good, despite the fact you had the commenters behind us yelling at the movie screen (smh), and the fact that someone had the audacity to bring their toddler. What better way to scar your child at such a young age, am I right? Am I right?! The movie was utterly terrifying! Especially that scary nun. Like, really? Why would you paint such a scary thing and hang it on the wall of your office? Come on, Ed. You know better than that. There were moments that I actually covered my eyes with my fingers, or placed my fingers in my ears when there was a suspenseful silence for I knew something was about to happen. There were moments when I had to place my hand on my chest. It made me look like Fred Sanford telling his dead wife, Elizabeth that he was coming to join her. Between the strange possessed voices and scary demons, I was scared out of my mind… and I loved every moment of it! The gasps, the screams; it was awesome! The movie was great! It was way better than the first. I’m not going to lie and say I slept without any problems. HA. The lights remained on until I eventually manned up. If the ghosts were going to get me, they would have to get me because I was too tired to fight.

Why would I put myself through all that torture of impending nightmares and a high possibility of purchasing a nightlight? Because I love scary stuff so much. Halloween is my favorite holiday (if you consider it to be one). One of the best jobs I ever had was being a zombie for Six Flag’s Fright Fest and scaring the heck out of my supervisor’s mom (good times). I guess one can say I have always had a connection to all things paranormal since I was a child. My mom told me that when I was two months old, my father came over to fix on my crib. All of sudden, they heard a noise coming from outside of the house. Looking across the street, trees were falling over from the root. My dad asked if that was normal with my mom replying that it wasn’t really.  Suddenly, they heard me cooing and when they went to the room, I looked as though someone had picked me up and placed me down. For some reason, my dad had a strange urge to go home. Good thing he did because when he arrived, there was a police officer there who informed him that his mother had died. My grandmother died of lung cancer and unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet her. And if you believe in all things spiritual, evidently, the uprooting of the trees and the way I was placed in the crib was her way of communicating with my dad and meeting me.

Another incident occurred when I was four years old. Pay in mind that my parents had to remind me of this story when I was older because I don’t remember any of it. Anyways, I guess when I was four I came up to my dad and told him that I saw his mom, Helen. My parents were freaked out for the simple fact that my father never told me her name before (FREAKY, RIGHT?). I went on to tell both of them how she came to me when I was sleeping and asked if I wanted to come with her. Say what? I said no, only for the simple fact that she said my mom couldn’t come with me when I asked. I’m pretty sure my mother was relieved. Could it simply be the active imagination of a child, perhaps? One would think so… if I wasn’t almost hit my an 18-wheeler truck a few days later! That’s right. You heard me! I was saved from being hit by a large 18-wheeler by the quick and swift actions of my mother! It is eerie every time I think about it. What if I would have said, “Yes, dead grandmother, I will go with you.”? I would have been roadkill; cutting my life short at the age of four. But being the mama’s girl that I was, I always had to have my mother with me. The plight of being the baby of the family, I guess. The sheer thought of that haunts me till this day.


I guess strolling down memory lane with that story kind of prompted my obsession with ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. It must be genetic because I would hear stories from both my mother and aunt about their encounters. My mother seeing my aunt’s late-husband in her room after finding out he was murdered, stating how he didn’t want to leave because he had to help with son and that there was more for him to do. Or the fact that as my child my aunt talked about how she would have visions of dead relatives. Could it be the eerie fact that my mom gets a ringing in her ears indicating that someone was going to die. It could even be that my mom, my sisters, and I all had different dreams that indicated my cousin’s death before us all waking up at the same time to receive a call from my aunt that he was killed. It is all bizarre and might seem like some mumbo-jumbo, but this is truth, people! It also didn’t help that the area where both my parents lived was said to be Indian burial grounds. As a kid, I used to dig in the backyard and pretend as though I was some archaeologist looking for dinosaur fossils. While doing that, I stumbled upon a ring with Native American symbols. I know what many of you are thinking—It could belong to the previous homeowners. WRONG! We lived in that house since the neighborhood was built, and we were the first and only family to live there (WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THAT, SKEPTICS?!). From time to time, my mom would complain about hearing the sound of knocking coming from the window from the downstairs’ bedroom. She also experienced the rocking of her bed while she was sleeping. One time in the winter, I was playing outside in the snow with my daughter, when all of a sudden, the front door swings open and closes. No, there was no wind. No, no one was around the door when it opened. The s*** was bananas (B-A-N-A-N-A-S)! I don’t throw the word—poltergeist—around a lot; therefore, I won’t say anything, but… you know.

My dad’s house—which was only a few minutes down the main road—was whole other ball game. I went to live with my dad during middle school. I never really found my dad’s house strange until I had to actually live there other than the weekends. That hallway. That damn hallway. I don’t know why it freaked me out so much. Even in the daytime, I found myself turning on the hallway light before I walked down it to either go to the bathroom or the living room. Then there was the thing about frequent sleep paralysis, the rocking of my bed, and the weird feeling I felt about the corner of my room by the closet.  That damn corner! Active imagination? Maybe. (My daytime profession consisted of daydreaming about being the daughter of Michael Jackson). That was until my niece (who was three at the time) came over for me to babysit. While in my room, she tapped me and told me with a straight face– “Aunt B, that man in the corner of your room is scary.” SAY WHAT?! What man? How does he look? Is he paying rent? I told my dad about it, but like true dad fashion, he brushed it off. When I asked him if he ever experienced anything strange, he replied nonchalantly that his bed rocked back and forth a couple of times. He made it seem like a normal thing. Georgia is not known for earthquakes (except that one time, but I slept through it). Let’s just say, the next few years with a roommate that I could not see was not ideal for me, but as long as he wasn’t revealing himself and he was turning around while I changed, I could deal.

Don’t get me started with cemeteries, but allow me to start anyway. I’m not fond of them. Sometimes I wish people would fill plots with cement after lowering the casket just to ensure that there would be no zombie apocalypse. If you believe in the supernatural such as ghosts and spirits, of course you would think that a cemetery would be a cesspool of paranormal activity. And you were correct, sir… or ma’am. I remember like it was yesterday. It was almost three in the morning when my boyfriend at the time called me, telling me that he had a huge fight with his dad. We lived about eight minutes away along the same main road. Therefore, like the love-struck teenage girl that I was, I told him he could stay at my house for the night and agreed to meet him halfway. Unfortunately—for me—halfway was right at the entrance of the cemetery. OH, COME ON! Yes, sure, I was a bit freaked out, but I was certain that my ex would be here at any moment. Sadly, my ex is the slowest walker this side of the Mississippi. Walking a little further wouldn’t hurt, would it? Just as I began to move my legs, I saw something by the cemetery sign that freaked me out. It was a shadowy figure of a man. I could see the outline of his hat, his trench coat and legs; transparent for I could sign behind him…or it. It was at that moment I told myself that I was not going to cross that sign and that I would just wait for him. Finally, he arrived. I asked him if he could see the shadowy figure. He didn’t. Seriously? I’m not crazy, people! I know what I saw!

Throughout the years, I have found myself drawn to any television show about the investigating of ghosts. After a while, I became irritated with how they went about with the investigating. It frustrated me when these paranormal investigators would do their “investigating” and the cameras were always focused on them. I don’t want to see your freaking facial reactions to the ghosts! I wanted to SEE the damn ghosts! Their favorite lines are, “did you hear that?”. No, I didn’t. Maybe if you will shut up and stop talking! These shows were slowly losing me, but I found solace. My Ghost Story: Caught On Camera was the best freaking paranormal show I have ever seen! Not only did it have the stories and history of the places that were haunted, and the incidents that the people were experiencing; THEY HAD VIDEO EVIDENCE! SAY WHAT?! SAY YES! It was freaking awesome. You would see a shadowy figure move here, and an object fly across the room there. I was hooked! However, like most things in my life, it was soon cancelled, leaving me to fulfill my nostalgia with episodes on YouTube (Good ol’ YouTube). You had one job, A&E! ONE JOB!

To be honest, I don’t believe that my fascination with all this paranormal stuff will go away. I have more experiences with seeing ghosts, but that is for another day. What is it about the unseen that is so darn intriguing? Except demonic possessions. Nope! F*** that! But everything else just excites me. I find myself looking online with my handy, dandy Google, searching for haunted sites near where I live. I found a few; even playing five bucks for a tour which left me with what could be a picture of a face in a mirror or just a smudge. My last job was actually said to be haunted by a nun who committed suicide in the attic and an orphan who died there. For some reason, they wanted me working nights; therefore, I was freaked out the entire time (HOOYAH, EMPLOYMENT!). There must be some screws loose in my head for fearing something, yet seeking it at the same time. I just love it so much, that’s all. Does that make me weird? Sure. That’s the entire niche of my blog. Either way, I will continue on my fascination with the “afterlife”, at least until I get some credible evidence myself. I mean, I don’t want to be attacked by a ghost. Hopefully, they are as friendly like Casper and nothing like his uncles. They were jerks!

Sure, there are skeptics, but I know what I experienced. That doesn’t make me a loon or anything, just sensitive and in tuned to the other side… I guess. I’m not talking about The Sixth Sense type crap where I am talking to dead people then eventually find out that I was dead the whole time (that would really suck), but more like the Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost type stuff. There has to be some truth in the whole ghost and spirits thing. It can’t all just be make-believe. Maybe there is some type of life after death, or there are restless spirits lost on their way to their final destination. There has to be more to this world than what meets the eye and what can be seen. Do our spirits die with us? Who knows? All I know is that I know what I know. I know what I have experienced, and what I experienced was real.

I would not rule anything out for I believe anything is possible. Just know that the next scary movie, I will be there. Hopefully not in the front row and hopefully no one will be stupid enough to bring their baby. Like, really? Who does that? WHO?! And if you happen to have some weird, unexplained paranormal experience, who you gonna call?



……….. Not me I hope.


2 Comments on “Who You Gonna Call?

  1. We have got to be the same person because I’m the exact same way! I don’t think you’re weird at all. I’ve grown up intrigued by the paranormal. My sister and I have watched every type of paranormal show you can name. There really is something so interesting about the unknown and what we can’t see. I’m a Christian, so I have my own beliefs about ghosts and spirits but I do believe that there is another realm that we can’t see. It’s good to know that there is someone else out there who has a guilty pleasure such as this. 🙂


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