Thou Shall Be Blipster

Never been in to fashion, but I have always enjoyed creating my own style with nice clothes. My style usually depends on my mood. If I felt good and cute, the skinny jeans come out. If I was feeling sluggish, out comes the sweats and sweater. I have always been a fickle being; therefore, I change myself often. Growing up, I have always been somewhat of a tomboy. When I was younger, my mother would take to the mall for new school clothes. Immediately, I would head toward the boys’ section where I found solace in long khaki shorts, T-shirts with skateboarders on them, and all things loose and baggy. I was never much of a girly girl for it never seemed to fit me. Even while going through the hell that is puberty, I would often take my older brother’s clothes and wear them. Because my body was going through this awkward phase that left me feeling like Golem from The Lord of the Rings, while all the other young teen girls at my school where forming into womanhood and more than willing to show it off with fitting clothing, I wanted to hide it with baggy jeans and shirts that were three sizes too big. During my freshman year of high school, Avril Lavigne was big and ties with tank tops was a thing. I also discovered the glorious—yet expensive—goth rocker store, Hot Topics. Once I got my first real boyfriend, I decided to girly it up a little. It was summertime, people! There was competition out there with short shorts!

Some ten-odd years and many boyfriends later (along with two kids), my style was all about comfortability, but still with a splash of cuteness. My twenties were spent on a sudden awakening that oozed of Afrocentricity. Styles that now intrigued me hailed from the days of A Different World, where students of a HBCU wore clothes that promoted a bit of cultural pride while also keeping up with the latest fads. People always told me that I exuded an earthy, India Arie type feel and I have always looked for a set type of fashion that was me; that was the true me. I found that type while scrolling aimlessly through the timelines of Facebook and stumbling upon a goldmine. Blipsters! Praise the almighty style gods!

“Blipster” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as a Portmanteau of words., “black” and “hipster” (GENIUS!). The style is eclectic, filled with influencers who have straddled the lines of race, fashion, politics, and art. I see them as fashion pioneers and young tastemakers who have adopted the ill-fitting styles that consist of flannels, Fedoras, and beanies– an urban spin on Gentrification. I loved it! Would you call it a waste of time scrolling through the timeline photos of the Blipster Facebook? No? Maybe. But I just love how Blipsters clashes with the normal masculine styles, bordering on the holey Kanye West to the geek chic of Donald Glover (love him!). The street etiquette that these young innovators represent comes along the lines of the new music, graphic tees, skirts (not my cup-of-tea unless you’re Scottish), and the study of all cultures. The styles centered on liberal idealism and artistic expression.


Blipsters solidify their iconic style with vintage fashion found in thrift stores, which is great because I am as cheap as a barter. Their clothes come straight out of the pages of Complex Magazine and out of the shelves of Urban Outfitter, defying the stereotypes that come with being a black person in America.  These fashion icons were fortunate enough to define their own social identity. For that, this style gives me life (I understand that saying now!). It gives me the feels and attitude with a certain—dare I say it— “swagga”? Blipster icons such as Urban Bush Babies and Solange Knowles embody the sheer epitome of the movement. Even as far back as Lisa Bonet on, The Cosby Show.  Ray Bans and Boleros. Tattoos and piercings. The Blipster style of fashion is a style all in its own. Finally, I felt like this was a style made for me where I can express my true individualism.

Anything Blipster, I follow on Facebook and Instagram. The styles are amazing, from the skinny pants to the cardigans. With the right paycheck, they will all be mine, too.


3 Comments on “Thou Shall Be Blipster

  1. Hi, thanks for following my blog! I hope we inspire each other 🙂 xx.

    P.S: I’m a tomboy girl, too and my mum said that my fashion style is too ‘boy-ish’ 😅


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