Never Take Sides Against “The Family” Again

Right when I thought my life was all safe—BAM—tragedy strikes me, turning my entire world of television-watching upside down. Yes, I said it—television. Once again a major television network has dropped the ball when it comes to determining what “good” television is. Yea, ABC, I’m talking about you. For the past two weeks I have had my frustration bottled up, filled with carbonated water ready to bubble and fizzle out. Translation: I’m pretty damn pissed.

When it comes to a new series premiering on television, I always approached it with a bit of optimism depending on how good the trailer is. Unless it is another reality show about people arguing about trivial bulls***, I will watch the pilot episode and from there decide if I want it to be part of my weekly evening show line-up (Sunday is my busiest day). Well, I heard about the series, The Family a few months ago. One of the main characters was interviewed by the Ebro in the Morning Show on Hot97 via YouTube. Previously she was on “Boardwalk Empire”—another great series of mine—and she gave a brief synopsis of the series. The show was centered about an eight-year-old boy who went missing and was found ten years later. At the time, it sounded interesting, but I had since forgotten about……..UNTIL…While watching my favorite Thursday night line-up—Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder—I saw the previews. I was captivated all over again. It was imperative that I give this series a chance.

The pilot aired Thursday night on March 3, 2016, right after Scandal. I LOVED IT! Before the episode ended, I wanted more. I was pretty sure that the series was taking HTGAWM’s timeslot since their second season finale aired the week before. Great for there was something to fill my TGIT void. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The series settled for the Sunday 9PM timeslot. BIG MISTAKE! I should have known then that ABC was setting this show up for failure. Why, oh why would you air a new series the same time the number one show on television, THE WALKING DEAD, airs? The show is a baby! It can’t compete with such a heavy hitter. It is like pitting Muhammad Ali against…a baby. Now, I had to choose…well, no I didn’t. TWD had my heart and I refused to have a wondering eye, but thank God for a little thing called Hulu, where you can catch your favorite primetime shows the next day online. Technology, sir, can do no wrong. It was like having my cake and eating too (it’s my cake, though! Why wouldn’t I eat it, too?!).

The series was awesome! The storyline was spectacular! I couldn’t get enough. Every episode left me in awe, giving me some answers, yet still leaving me wondering. Once TWD’s season finale aired, it was smooth sailing from here on out. The Family was my Sunday night replacement, filling my zombie apocalypse void with kidnapping and family issues. The one-hour drama captured me in its web of twists and turns. My bestie, Stephani and I would have our Monday morning recap, where we shared our opinions, disbeliefs, and theories on how the following episode would go. After the bad taste American Crime left in our mouths, we both needed this…badly. However, season finales were drawing near for television, a time that I dread. The freaking worst! It when my line-up dwindles down, leaving me with little to nothing to live off of for the summer. It was sheer torture. If it wasn’t for Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, I don’t think I could keep my sanity. The season finale of The Family was full of drama and suspense. Spoiler Alert! Adam was not the real Adam, he was a foster kid named, Ben who was held captive along with the real Adam. SAY WHAT? The sister ends up being this ruthless campaign advisor who would do about anything to guarantee her mother’s political career. The nosy reporter who was sleeping with both the brother and sister ends up dead (Well damn). The father remains clueless to it all and the real Adam is alive and swears to get his life back from that posing punk a** Ben, with his punk a**. With all the dramatics packed into one hour, I was sure that there would be a second season. No one would leave viewers hanging in suspense like that. Right?



Following the what I thought was the season finale, ABC decided to suck and axe the show. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are on their 70th season, but something actually compelling can’t even get a season two? I weep for humanity. My bestie, Stephani gave me the devastating news and I could not believe my ears. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why this was happening…to me! I had to investigate; therefore, I had to go to my handy, dandy Google. Strolling through a few articles, I discovered that the main reason was ratings. Ratings, ratings. Motherf***in’ ratings! How could this be? How could a series with a compelling plot, a phenomenal storyline, and talented actors be low in ratings? TWD was gone for the season. The Family was safe. Safe I say! Scrolling through the comments, I discovered that I was not alone. Many other viewers shared my outrage and devastation (I exaggerate) over the cancellation. So I ask again, why? Was it not sexy enough? The sister killed her lesbian lover who was also sleeping her brother. How isn’t that sexy?

My world was turned upside down (being dramatic). To be honest, I was freaking pissed. How dare they do this to me? The audacity. THE AUDACITY! I deserve a proper ending. Does the real Adam get his real life back? Will the sister be caught for killing the reporter? Will Ben still be a punk a** with his punk a** and meet his biological mother? What does ABC expect me to do, imagine the entire second season in my head? I don’t have that type of time. What’s left for me out there, reality shows? Sure, Little Women: LA tinkles my fancy with all the cat fights and drama, but I need storylines and plots. I need character development and theories. Without that, what am I?

The science behind why networks do what they do is a mystery. You would think with all the advancement with online streaming with shows, they would take that in consideration when reviewing ratings. Some people work at night and won’t be able to catch the show until the next day on Hulu. Some go to sleep early and watch as they are getting ready for work the next day. There are many factors that come into play, but to cancel a show because a few thousands weren’t watching on a certain day is insane. I would start a petition, but then I would be those people who I can’t stand that make an issue about trivial BS because they have too much time on their hands. NOT I! Therefore, I have to suffer in silence and imagine what could have been. For now, the wound is still fresh, but soon it will heal. But for now, ABC can kiss my a**…

…until my season line-up comes back in the fall.


3 Comments on “Never Take Sides Against “The Family” Again

  1. Hi B,
    I love the Blog, you have a very outstanding way of expressing with words that will keep you reading for more… Keep doing what you do…
    Atlanta, Ga.
    Rita Ford


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