Why a Blog?

When you tell someone that you decided to create a blog, the first question they ask is, “Why?”. I can understand. Blogging to some doesn’t seem very serious. For people like my parents; personal journals of ranters. Yea, it can be that. However, for me, that is totally different.
Since I could remember writing has always been a passion of mine. Though I enjoy reading about history and non-fiction, fiction has always intrigued me. The art of creating a entire story from off the top of your head is just one of the most fascinating talents anyone can have. Writing created another world for me outside of my own thanks to my overactive imagination. As a child I created these fantasy stories unlike any child of my age. They were weird, they were bizarre; they were uncanny. Other than  a ninja assassin , I never saw myself being anything other than a writer as a career choice.
One might ask, then why now did you just start a blog? Good question. Being a young mother is a very tiring job that occupies my entire time. My main focus was to support my family. Before I joined the military, I worked as a freelance writer for a website company for a few years. Though working from home gave me a flexibility with school and my child, the pay was not enough. I went from a freelance writer to an Aviation Structural Mechanic, now coming into a job that would be more time-consuming. Unfortunately, my writing took a backseat. Now, I was floating on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Gulf with 5,000 people who were just as miserable as I am working 12-18 hour days. Talk about struggle.
Fast-forward to present day, a slew of jobs have brought me to the fact that writing is where I need to be. After looking up applications for writer jobs and reading through the requirements, I realized that though I call myself a writer, I have nothing to show for it. Where are my writing samples? Where is my portfolio? I have all these stories that I want to write, yet I have to put my thoughts into action. What better way to showcase my talent than a blog? It is pure genius. Seriously, I could kick myself in the butt for not thinking of this idea sooner. It is my own fault really for I allowed certain obstacles to get in my way. Well, NO MORE, I SAY!
This blog is the real thing for me. My writing is the real thing. And so it begins….




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