Welcome to My World,
I am a writer… at least I think I am. I mean, I was always told I was good at it, but parents will say anything, am I right?
Along with my love for all things film and television, I also have opinions. A lot of them, actually. Maybe too much, but that is what I’m paying my therapist for.
“When a man gives an opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives an opinion, she’s a b****.” — Bette Midler
 This is what blogs are for. They are electronic journals for the opinionated and the creative storytellers. This is my personal blog where I share all that angers yet intrigues me; everything that provokes thought in this mostly thoughtless head of mine.
 I rant. I rave. I talk utter nonsense that even confuses me. Last, but not least, I’m a creative and imaginative motherf***er when it comes to fiction, sharing my own literary work, consisting of short stories,  scripts,  and poems.
Be mad, be happy. Understand, be confused. All the while joining me on this journey to establishing myself as a writer.
When all else fails, read, read, and read some more!